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Choose one way as your “signature” signature, or implement multiple techniques to add your JH -- John Hancock -- in Word. Click the red “X” button on the header ribbon to close the header. Choose "Change User Name." Click into the "Initials" text box under the "Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office" section. Test this by clicking the "New Comment" button on the ribbon.

Scroll through the document and see your initials along the top of every page. Scroll to a section of the document where you want to add your initials, such as above a “Sign here” line. You'll see your initials next to the word "Comment" on the right side of the screen. Click the “File” tab and select “Save As.” Enter the name of the document in the “File name” box, such as “Resume.” Add a hyphen and your initials, such as “Resume-EJB.” Click the “Save” button to save the document with your initials.

Remember that you are selling ‘The Product You’ and this is the first point of contact that a potential date would have with your brand.

Build Your Web If you find a name that works, stick with it.

Below are some examples: is the area code for where Joseph grew up in.

Or maybe Joseph lives within the 714 area code and is searching in that vicinity.

—Let’s say Ashley or AH wants to be in a serious relationship but she names herself this thinking it will better attract a man because, well, sex sells. Len is more likely to get clicked on just because his screen name is informative. While some people might find it obnoxious that Len put Pro in his name, more will likely find it intriguing. If someone cannot understand what your profile means, they will never click on it.

What's more, this utility also supports remaining original date format and number formats in the combination results.

(A2 is the cell with the first name, and B2 is the cell with the last name) into it, and press the Enter key. Keep selecting the concatenation result cell, and drag its Auto Fill Handle to the range as you need. Green after concatenation, please select the first name column; for returning A. after concatenation, please select both the first name column and the last name column.

Perhaps there’s a pun or something catchy you can play with in your name. For example, Look N4the1 could easily be misread and it takes too long to get at first glance.

Plus names that talk about your interest in finding love usually read as cheesy or insincere and don’t say anything unique about you. In fact, the more interesting names usually relate to qualities or interests instead, which holds much more value in a relationship than just a name.

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